Monday, 7 December 2009


dear blog,

i am very excited about these things:
  • atp next weekend
  • christmas
  • mine and al's TOP SECRET PLAN (it's not really top secret)
  • LOST final season starting soon
  • buying a new camera
  • finishing the scarf i have been knitting
lots of love, em

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

i am lame

i haven't looked at this in AGES...hence not replying to the "where are you?"
i feel like i haven't had much spare time at the moment online, what with only being able to use the internet in the internet cafe. but that is sorted now.
i think i have changed my settings to get notifications of a blog now, which i didn't do before.

still undecided about cost me about 500 pounds last year (no exaggeration) so i'm not sure whether i can justify it this year. i want to go....but i don't want to get into loads of debt for it.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

where are you lisa?

i haven't spoken to you for nearly 2 weeks :(((

Sunday, 27 September 2009


OMG there are LOADS of spiders around at the moment!

apparently september / october is when they mate; and this year boffins are saying conditions are rad for spiders so we should expect to see record numbers.

owhhhh. i'm seeing one pretty much every day at the moment :( they creep me out a lot. silly, i know but i can't help it. i saw the biggest spider i have EVER seen last week - it was HUGE. my dad had to come and put it outside. yes, i'm 27 and being rescued from spiders by my dad! although it takes me about half an hour i can usually manage to get a glass over it and put it outside (obvs i don't hurt them, that would be mean) but this one was just too big!

oh oh oh and the other day when graham was round one was on my hand so i shook it off and ran down the stairs and then freaked out for a bit.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Glastonbury 2010

Tix on sale 4th October.

I think I'm buying myself one... :-)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Dear Julian Casablancas,

Please hurry up and put details on your website of how and when i can pre-order 'phrazes for the young' and also what uk dates you will be playing.

love Em xoxo

ps i'm still available if you and your wife ever split up.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

My love and seething hatred relationship with facebook when trying to close my account...

SO. It has taken me all day to try to close down Facebook.

The people behind it make it almost impossible to delete your information. When trying to find out how I could delete my Wall information (posts, status updates, photo upload info etc) I found that Facebook offers no facility to delete the Wall. Therefore, you have to delete each tiny update individually. I had two and a half years' worth of actions on my Wall. This has taken me hours. There is no point in just taking the easy option and using the "disable Wall" option, as then there would be absolutely no reason for closing the account. The info would still be in tact, sitting on their systems.

Not only this, Facebook seems crafty. Every time it says I have no more wall posts left, it has actually kept a stash of them hidden that it hasn't enabled me to delete. This has happened at least ten times when I have logged back in to see IF, this time, my Wall is empty. A glitch in the system or just Facebook being utter arseholes and wanting to keep information?....I don't know.

Having said all this, closing down Facebook has not been an easy thing to do - emotionally, that is. I have spent the day looking through a log of my past two and a half years. It is like an online diary....reading through it, I was reminded of so many past times that I had forgotten about. I read a post from Em, saying that she missed me "more than words can say" when I was travelling around Asia. There were so many other memories that I wiped....posts of friends asking me whereabouts I was in Thailand because they wanted to meet up with me; of Tom telling me that 2009 "will be the best year yet. Last year was amazing, but this year will be even better"; of me and Ali on our travel adventure, living the dream (and wanting to kill each other, but still living OUR dream); of drunken nights in Brighton and barbeques down the beach; of me and Laurence keeping track of our score in our pool competition (though I am still not sure who actually won); of my friend Paul informing me that India is full of "yoghurt weavers"; of old friendships that have now faded away, like that of mine and Ali's American friend Joe, who informed me on my Wall that he was going to write me a list of reasons why I am an "instigator". And then I was reminded of the old features on Facebook years ago - The Graffiti we used to do, the gifts we used to give each other. (Richie Gladman: "Thanks for my pencil, Butler." Em: "Here's a cat in a bag. I don't know why. Facebook is weird.")

So giving up Facebook hasn't been a breeze like I thought it would be. It has actually brought tears to my eyes - nothing has been able to log my friendships better than that website. And I know that I will lose a lot of friendships from closing my account because they won't stand the new "virtual" distance.

But it is the right thing to do. It would be hypocritical of me to support fat cat neo-conservative free trade bastards. And then there is the fact that companies that I HATE have bought into being able to get the public's information for their own gain, whilst wrecking the world for those less fortunate than ourselves. (Though she says this whilst writing on a blogging site owned by Google....hmmmmmmm.)

I was going to delete my Myspace too, but that really WOULD be the end of an era, and I can't bring myself to do it yet....I may break down in tears! The time will come. Just not yet.